___ in the bud crossword clue

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Crossword Clue ___ in the bud
Answer NIP
Length 3 letters
Crossword Clue Explanation “Nip in the bud” is an idiomatic expression that means to stop something at an early stage or to prevent it from developing further. The word “nip” in this context refers to the act of pinching or cutting off the buds of a plant to prevent it from flowering or growing. This expression is often used metaphorically to describe taking action to prevent a problem or issue from becoming worse.
Clue Category Language and Wordplay

Please note that this crossword clue may have multiple answers, and the most recent solution will be listed last. Each time this clue appears in a new edition of the New York Times Crossword, there might be a different answer, so make sure to review all the solutions until you find the one that solves the current clue.

___ in the bud Crossword Answer with 3 letters is:

  • NIP

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