NYT Crossword Answers August 24 2023

We have solved and listed all answers and solutions for NYT Crossword Thursday, August 24, 2023. Click on the links below to find the answer and explanation of a crossword clue.

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NYT Crossword Clues

Clue Solution
Blown away AWED
Black Widows former org. KGB
Off-roaders for short ATVS
Style of René Laliques glasswork DECO
Fair-hiring inits. EOE
Campaign to increase Election Day participation VOTER
Unidentified informally ANON
Key worker? PIANOTUNER
When one might show ones age informally BDAY
Tribute of a sort ODE
House of reps? GYM
Seven-___ (worst hand in Texas hold em) DEUCE
Alternative to paper or plastic TOTEBAG
Shapeshifts MORPHS
Figure in a house listing AREA
Exactamundo BANGON
Temporary controlled power shutdown … or a hint to reading four of this puzzles answers ROLLINGBLACKOUT
Jimmy Carters Secret Service code name DEACON
News stand? OPED
Pale in comparison? ASHIER
Liqueur in some coffee cocktails familiarly BAILEYS
Foil e.g. SWORD
Very quick point ACE
Green standard PAR
Org. opposed to speciesism PETA
Activities that relieve psychological stress EMOTIONAL
Rugged dirt track racers SPRINTCARS
Extremely informally UBER
A-number-one TOP
In ___ (completely) TOTO
Certain sodas for short DEWS
Spot thats hardly spotless STY
Annual multimedia festival informally SXSW
Poet laureate Limón ADA
Suddenly fell through as a plan WENT
Green booking ECOHOTEL
Fait accompli DONEDEAL
French military cap KEPI
Flipping out GOINGGAGA
Like suspicious eyes BEADY
Openly proclaim AVOW
One in a onesie TOT
Twitch streamer with a digital avatar say VTUBER
Awards show recognition informally NOM
Bartenders stock RYES
Something thats designed to be buggy? WEB
Je pense ___ je suis Descartes DONC
Blacken TAR
Spanish gold ORO
Doubleday who didnt really invent baseball ABNER
2016 title role for Auliʻi Cravalho MOANA
Pioneer in color TV broadcasting NBC
See the world GLOBETROT
Named in brief IDED
Caffeine-containing ingredients once used in soft drinks KOLANUTS
Theater section for Statler and Waldorf on The Muppet Show OPERABOX
About-face UEY
Gridiron stats TDS
Nile reptiles ASPS
Carried away by the tide SWEPT
Drag race conveyance HOTROD
Poker call IRAISE
Event for a unicorn perhaps in brief IPO
___ Theatres AMC
They might be checked at a restaurant COATS
GPS figs. ETAS
Game with a rhyming name ISPY
Having just dropped NEW
Crew directive ROW

Daily NYT Crossword Facts

Here are some interesting facts about today’s crossword:

  • Largest clue: Temporary controlled power shutdown … or a hint to reading four of this puzzles answers
  • Smallest clue:
  • Total number of clues: 74
  • Total number of solutions: 74
  • Average clue length: 22.89 characters
  • Clues with numbers: 1
  • Longest solution: ROLLINGBLACKOUT
  • Shortest solution: KGB
  • Number of unique solutions: 74
  • Percentage of clues that are questions: 6.76%
  • Clue with the most vowels: Temporary controlled power shutdown … or a hint to reading four of this puzzles answers
  • Clue with the most consonants: Temporary controlled power shutdown … or a hint to reading four of this puzzles answers
  • Most frequent word in the clues: a

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