NYT Crossword Answers August 30 2023

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NYT Crossword Clues

Clue Solution
Once ___ a time UPON
not so ___ ago LONG
___ was a girl named Ava. THERE
Avas ___ joy was SOLE
her prized ___. OBOE
She had ___ her skill in band HONED
despite sitting next to the noisy ____ CLARINETS
which were an ___ distraction. ADDED
One day after school Ava called a ___. LYFT
It hadnt come ___ as she muttered YET
___ I guess. At least the weeks over. TGIF
She was ___ with her music BORED
and school was hardly an ___. EDEN
Just then Dana a bandmate Ava was crushing on walked up lugging a ___. TUBA
As Ava ___ nearby gathering her courage IDLED
Dana bent down to ___ the heavy instrument. STOW
Ava ___ at Dana. SMILED
Would it be a stretch to say I dig your ___ T-shirt? Ava asked. YOGA
Danas reaction was the start of an ___ for Ava. ERA
Wheezing laughter like an ___ in an old tire and deep blushing AIRLEAK
were ___ that Dana was smitten too. SIGNALS
That was a ___ joke! Dana sputtered. RAD
I got the shirt from ___ glad you like it. EBAY
Ava mustered every ___ in her brain NEURON
and felt her heart ___ as she blurted SKIP
Id love to hang out some time no ___! LYING
Dana grinned. Then meditating together in corpse pose ___ an option! ISNT
Ava wrinkled her ___ and laughed. NOSE
After that spark the pair bonded in large ___. DOSES
Dana learned that Ava loved chocolate ___ cookies CHIP
and Ava learned Dana loved Much ___ About Nothing. ADO
Though Dana wanted to visit Timbuktu in ___ MALI
and Ava preferred Accra in ___ GHANA
the pair still felt the ____ of their connection. RIGHTNESS
One night after watching ___ Python MONTY
bingeing subtitled dramas from ___ and ASIA
listening to Nat King ___ COLE
Ava and Dana shared their first kiss over cream ___. SODAS
And of course ___ lived THEY
happily ___ after. EVER
Trojans sch. USC
Straw vote e.g. POLL
Skin cream brand OLAY
Round squishy toy NERFBALL
Actor Chaney LON
Followed OBEYED
With distinction NOTEDLY
Daring deed GEST
Contraction before be great THATD
Obergefell v. ___ Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage HODGES
Conclude miserably ENDINTEARS
Shipwreck site REEF
Reds great Roush EDD
Figure skater Midori ITO
Like buses and bicycles RIDABLE
Curtain trims e.g. EDGINGS
Bygone Russian rulers TSARS
Inuit skin boat UMIAK
Its a sure thing BIRDINHAND
Dawn goddess EOS
Synthetic fabric ORLON
Never existed WASNT
Wide shoe spec EEE
Just a number its said AGE
Alabama governor Ivey KAY
Language from which we get bupkis and shtick YIDDISH
Starting place POINTA
Knuckle-headed gesture? NOOGIE
Neuters SPAYS
911 responder EMT
When repeated a toy train CHOO
Hamlets interrogative after How now! ARAT
Pope after Benedict IV LEOV
Bali for one ISLE
M.L.B. execs GMS
Stuff in a loft HAY
Title for Game of Thrones knights SER

Daily NYT Crossword Facts

Here are some interesting facts about today’s crossword:

  • Largest clue: Just then Dana a bandmate Ava was crushing on walked up lugging a ___.
  • Smallest clue: Bother
  • Total number of clues: 78
  • Total number of solutions: 78
  • Average clue length: 28.46 characters
  • Clues with numbers: 1
  • Longest solution: ENDINTEARS
  • Shortest solution: YET
  • Number of unique solutions: 78
  • Percentage of clues that are questions: 1.28%
  • Clue with the most vowels: Obergefell v. ___ Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage
  • Clue with the most consonants: Just then Dana a bandmate Ava was crushing on walked up lugging a ___.
  • Most frequent word in the clues: ___

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