NYT Crossword Answers July 31 2023

We have solved and listed all answers and solutions for NYT Crossword Monday, July 31, 2023. Click on the links below to find the answer and explanation of a crossword clue.

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NYT Crossword Clues

Clue Solution
Reference point for nighttime navigation STAR
Trim as a photo CROP
Toodles! CIAO
Sci-fi hero ___ Skywalker LUKE
Volcano output LAVA
Casper is a friendly one GHOST
Not much ABIT
Actor Epps OMAR
Sounds from a sty OINKS
Tennis great with a sister whos also a tennis great VENUSWILLIAMS
Sought political office RAN
Ye ___ Shoppe OLDE
British royal crowned in May 2023 KINGCHARLESIII
Tic-___-toe TAC
AMCs Better Call ___ SAUL
Failed to DIDNT
Cry on a roller coaster WHEE
Riders handful REINS
Great detective of kid-lit NATE
Its ___! (classic Frankenstein line) ALIVE
Come off as SEEM
Haws partner HEM
First Latina justice successor to David Souter SONIASOTOMAYOR
Exam for an aspiring atty. LSAT
Fury IRE
Words before legal action … or what one might exclaim to 19- 24- and 45-Across? SEEYOUINCOURT
Material for LPs VINYL
Worker welfare org. OSHA
CT scan alternatives MRIS
Edward ___ poet who wrote The Owl and the Pussy-cat LEAR
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Emulates Snoop Dogg or Doja Cat RAPS
Small whirlpool EDDY
Eliot of the Untouchables NESS
Serb Slovene or Slovak SLAV
Paper towel roll leftover TUBE
Similar (to) AKIN
Part of a round trip RETURN
Comically packed circus vehicle CLOWNCAR
Actor Malek of Bohemian Rhapsody RAMI
Speed-skating track shape OVAL
Word after beauty or pizza PARLOR
Adds ones two cents CHIMESIN
Atoms with charges IONS
Pose as a question ASK
Extra periods in sports in brief OTS
Provoked GOADED
Gives in to gravity as a roof SAGS
Sick ILL
Artist Frida renowned for her self-portraits KAHLO
Strand as during a blizzard ICEIN
Shade of color HUE
Group of showbiz elites ALIST
State whose license plates read Famous Potatoes IDAHO
Prefix with continental or faith INTER
Tabloid twosome ITEM
___ the night before Christmas … TWAS
Stares said to inflict curses EVILEYES
Keanu Reevess role in The Matrix NEO
For-prophet institution? SEMINARY
Painting studio stands EASELS
Podcast host Maron MARC
Pronounce SAY
Peter of Lawrence of Arabia OTOOLE
Tower of London guards YEOMEN
Hair salon sound SNIP
Previously owned USED
If ___ a nickel … IHAD
Strongly encourage URGE
Fixes as a carnival game RIGS
General ___ chicken TSOS
TiVo forerunner VCR
Nest egg fund in brief IRA

Daily NYT Crossword Facts

Here are some interesting facts about today’s crossword:

  • Largest clue: Words before legal action … or what one might exclaim to 19- 24- and 45-Across?
  • Smallest clue: Fury
  • Total number of clues: 74
  • Total number of solutions: 74
  • Average clue length: 22.91 characters
  • Clues with numbers: 2
  • Longest solution: KINGCHARLESIII
  • Shortest solution: RAN
  • Number of unique solutions: 74
  • Percentage of clues that are questions: 2.7%
  • Clue with the most vowels: Words before legal action … or what one might exclaim to 19- 24- and 45-Across?
  • Clue with the most consonants: Words before legal action … or what one might exclaim to 19- 24- and 45-Across?
  • Most frequent word in the clues: a

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