NYT Crossword Answers June 12 2023

We have solved and listed all answers and solutions for NYT Crossword Monday, June 12, 2023. Click on the links below to find the answer and explanation of a crossword clue.

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NYT Crossword Clues

Clue Solution
Energize as a crowd AMPUP
2017 Disney movie about the Day of the Dead COCO
Alternatives to Macs PCS
Old witch CRONE
Filter for nostalgic photos SEPIA
Thats so interesting! OOH
Explodes in anger HITSTHEROOF
Little piggy TOE
Fixes as a 22-Across RESOLES
Fixture in a post office or a doctors office SCALE
Cobblers item SHOE
Mirror material GLASS
Redding who wrote Respect OTIS
It can be grand or upright PIANO
Tech for connecting wireless speakers BLUETOOTH
Sighs of relief AHS
No vote NAY
Cats cry MEOW
With 37-Across native language MOTHER
See 35-Across TONGUE
Je t___ (I love you in France) AIME
Company that once mailed CDs containing free internet trials AOL
… man ___ mouse? ORA
Chew on this! BUBBLEGUM
Sectionals and sleepers SOFAS
And other authors Abbr. ETAL
Summer known as the Queen of Disco DONNA
Submit as a tax return FILE
Jewish wedding dances HORAS
Working hard TOILING
Abbr. in many urban addresses APT
What rumors are spread by … or a hint to the ends of 16- 29- 35-/37- and 45-Across WORDOFMOUTH
Compete (for) VIE
Goodbye in Guadalajara ADIOS
Upper heart chambers ATRIA
Place for a stud or a hoop EAR
Enlivens with up PEPS
Swim competitions MEETS
Cry in Cologne ACH
3-D medical scan MRI
Classic slow-cooked entree POTROAST
Animals treated by (and rhyming with) vets PETS
Special K or Oreo Os CEREAL
North Americas only marsupial OPOSSUM
A.F.L.-___ CIO
Clumsy sorts OAFS
What a French fry comes from POTATO
Unbelievable! SHEESH
Kind of date on a food label SELLBY
Source of pork HOG
Possess jointly COOWN
___ blocker (email account feature) SPAM
Cheery greeting HIHO
Deal with SEETO
Buck ___ first Black coach in Major League Baseball ONEIL
Screwdriver and saw TOOLS
Carrying weapons ARMED
Se ___ español HABLA
How about that?! GOFIGURE
___ Mountains range from the Arctic Ocean to Kazakhstan URAL
Comfort EASE
Pompous display EGOTRIP
Prenatal procedures for short AMNIOS
Stop acting up! BEHAVE
Ideal world UTOPIA
Start of a Spanish count UNODOS
Worth remembering OFNOTE
1980s TV extraterrestrial ALF
Trade SWAP
Muslim leader IMAM
Poem of adoration ODE
___ for tat TIT
Possesses HAS

Daily NYT Crossword Facts

Here are some interesting facts about today’s crossword:

  • Largest clue: What rumors are spread by … or a hint to the ends of 16- 29- 35-/37- and 45-Across
  • Smallest clue: Trade
  • Total number of clues: 76
  • Total number of solutions: 76
  • Average clue length: 21.37 characters
  • Clues with numbers: 7
  • Longest solution: HITSTHEROOF
  • Shortest solution: PCS
  • Number of unique solutions: 76
  • Percentage of clues that are questions: 1.32%
  • Clue with the most vowels: Company that once mailed CDs containing free internet trials
  • Clue with the most consonants: Company that once mailed CDs containing free internet trials
  • Most frequent word in the clues: a

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