NYT Crossword Answers June 28 2023

We have solved and listed all answers and solutions for NYT Crossword Wednesday, June 28, 2023. Click on the links below to find the answer and explanation of a crossword clue.

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NYT Crossword Clues

Clue Solution
Sport of climbing mountains ALPINISM
SAG-___ (broadcast workers union) AFTRA
See 10-Down THROAT
Providers of in-flight entertainment? AIRSHOWS
Cold sauces AIOLIS
Parlor decoration for short TAT
Bit of braggadocio BOAST
Target of CRISPR editing GENE
Fabric derived from wood pulp RAYON
Former Mideast alliance in brief UAR
Org. that looks into cases TSA
Display utter contempt for SPITAT
Youre So Vain singer Carly SIMON
With all ones heart MADLY
Operative with access INSIDEMAN
Tokarczuk who won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature OLGA
See 30-Down GRASS
Having a fermented quality WINY
Loses everything GOESBROKE
See 35-Down PANTS
Saxophonist who pioneered modal jazz to fans TRANE
Fruity red CERISE
Noted seashell seller? SHE
Ceremonial sash OBI
Rubbernecks GAWKS
Match point? WICK
Onetime boxy Toyota SCION
Asian peninsula Abbr. KOR
Cell with pseudopods AMOEBA
See 44-Down COALMINE
See 58-Down BONNET
Currency zone whose members include Finland and Malta EUROAREA
Struck biblically SMOTE
Advice on a fashion blog STYLETIP
Pit-___ APAT
Organa whos also a Skywalker LEIA
With 14-Across first (and last) gift of a seasonal song PARTRIDGE
Part of a return address? IRS
To the ___ power NTH
Classic collection from the magazines Super Science Stories and Astounding Science Fiction IROBOT
Attach as a button SEWON
Feature of the Painted Desert MESA
Yellowfin tuna AHI
With 15-Across cause of some hoarseness FROG
Flat sign maybe TOLET
Comes down RAINS
Completely disoriented ATSEA
Straw mats TATAMIS
From Lausanne par exemple SUISSE
Finally ATLAST
Woo-hoo! YAY
Apt name for an angler ROD
Air quality concern SMOG
___ Alto PALO
With 38-Across hidden traitor SNAKE
Largest city in New Jersey NEWARK
Like a free ride when youve already paid per a 1996 hit IRONIC
Little attire MINISKIRT
With 42-Across source of restless anticipation ANTS
Wall St. landmark NYSE
Tries to get hold of GRABSAT
Dude BRO
Seating on Sunday PEW
With 59-Across harbinger of danger CANARY
Cleans as a deck SWABS
Stereotypical shout-out on a jumbotron HIMOM
Prefix meaning budget-friendly ECONO
Recede GOOUT
Superman most of the time KENT
Clinches ICES
R.E.M.s The ___ Love ONEI
Bring in the sheaves say REAP
With 62-Across persistent little obsession BEE
Reaction to a funny GIF LOL
Endeavour astronaut Jemison MAE

Daily NYT Crossword Facts

Here are some interesting facts about today’s crossword:

  • Largest clue: Classic collection from the magazines Super Science Stories and Astounding Science Fiction
  • Smallest clue: Dude
  • Total number of clues: 76
  • Total number of solutions: 76
  • Average clue length: 23.53 characters
  • Clues with numbers: 14
  • Longest solution: INSIDEMAN
  • Shortest solution: TAT
  • Number of unique solutions: 76
  • Percentage of clues that are questions: 5.26%
  • Clue with the most vowels: Classic collection from the magazines Super Science Stories and Astounding Science Fiction
  • Clue with the most consonants: Classic collection from the magazines Super Science Stories and Astounding Science Fiction
  • Most frequent word in the clues: of

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