NYT Crossword Answers October 14 2023

We have solved and listed all answers and solutions for NYT Crossword Saturday, October 14, 2023. Click on the links below to find the answer and explanation of a crossword clue.

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NYT Crossword Clues

Clue Solution
Residence for a parson MANSE
Fictional character who cries I am madness maddened! AHAB
Question persistently PUMP
Single source? ALBUM
Checks or balances say REGULATES
Animal with fused toes on each hind paw used for grooming its coat KOALA
Almond confections MARZIPANS
Chain with a mansard roof in its logo PIZZAHUT
Auto-correction? UEY
Coopers product KEG
Womans name that sounds like a letter of the alphabet KAY
Fried turnovers from southern Italy PANZEROTTI
P.R. people Abbr. AGTS
Walk way? GAIT
Round cleans better sloganeer ORALB
Looky here! OHO
Champaign region EASTERNILLINOIS
Punnery e.g. WIT
Keep cooler? REICE
Shiraz and others REDS
Home to Mayor Fiorello La Guardias Talk to the People program WNYC
Oscar winner for The Accidental Tourist (1988) GEENADAVIS
___ moment AHA
This might come with breakfast in bed in brief TLC
Brisbane-to-Sydney dir. SSW
What barflies hit THESAUCE
Turn around so I can see you FACEME
Part of the George W. Bush era … or a hint to part of 18- 26- 38- and 46-Across MIDAUGHTS
Seeing red LIVID
Slangy treatment for a disturbing visual EYEBLEACH
Singer Cleo with Grammy nominations in jazz pop and classical LAINE
See 61-Down NANA
Where Al Jazeera is headquartered DOHA
Flat bottoms SOLES
Blush e.g. MAKEUP
1972 Gilbert OSullivan hit with the lyric Left standing in the lurch at a church ALONEAGAIN
Boston in the 60s or Chicago in the 90s e.g. NBADYNASTY
Recipient of the first Vulcan nerve pinch on the original Star Trek SULU
Professional concerned with search engine optimization EMARKETER
Word with band or candy ARM
Junker HEAP
Business opening? AGRI
Major downer BUZZKILL
Main ingredient in a Thai som tam salad PAPAYA
Riders of the Purple Sage setting UTAH
Course catalog? MENU
Sibilant summons PSST
Cabaret name LIZA
Poetic contraction EER
Club member in a hit 1985 adventure comedy GOONIE
Minor blemish ZIT
Instant TRICE
Roster for William Morris or Creative Artists TALENT
The ultimate struggle GOODVSEVIL
I call dibs THISISMINE
Adoption of the International Radiotelegraph Convention in 1906 SOS
Live tweets? BIRDCALLS
[Gag] EWW
Tested as a cask to see how much whiskey remains REGAUGED
Major PBS funder for short NEA
Wrinkly fruit CASABA
1980s sitcom puppet ALF
More than 7% of Minnesotans by ancestry SWEDES
Spoils HAUL
Gangbusters in old slang TMEN
Howdy! HIYA
Shangri-la EDEN
Onetime labor and transportation secretary Elaine CHAO
Chisel in a way ETCH
Analogue of aloha and shalom CIAO
With 65-Across Born to Hand Jive group SHA

Daily NYT Crossword Facts

Here are some interesting facts about today’s crossword:

  • Largest clue: Part of the George W. Bush era … or a hint to part of 18- 26- 38- and 46-Across
  • Smallest clue: Last
  • Total number of clues: 72
  • Total number of solutions: 72
  • Average clue length: 27.49 characters
  • Clues with numbers: 10
  • Longest solution: EASTERNILLINOIS
  • Shortest solution: UEY
  • Number of unique solutions: 72
  • Percentage of clues that are questions: 9.72%
  • Clue with the most vowels: Adoption of the International Radiotelegraph Convention in 1906
  • Clue with the most consonants: 1972 Gilbert OSullivan hit with the lyric Left standing in the lurch at a church
  • Most frequent word in the clues: the

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